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So, if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. For what we are all paying you would think they could at least keep the place up. A campfire is a favorite symbolic element. Dresses with Pockets; Day Dresses . Also the key IS NOT to a TRUCK it is to a LOCK BOX which is on site at the Davison and Standish campgrounds(I've seen it with my own 2 eyes. We are a young married couple who is rebuilding and aspiring to get a house, we have an accepted offer and are just starting the loan process, now I fear that by signing into this, we are going to be royally screwed. Thanks for the posts and saving my wife and I a wasted Saturday with our 2 little ones in the car for 3 hours plus another 2 hours listening to some cheesy sales pitch. As the weeks and months go on the odds get better. http://www.mlive.com/davison/index.ssf/2011/01/st_johns_couple_wins_outdoor_a.html the sales person told me they was building a indoor waterpark.. never seen it. Thank god for the internet and good people like you who post to save others grief! I also went to BBB and they came back telling me that the company respondedtheir response was summed up that we were liars and we aren't getting anything from themwaste of time. I have contacted them and they tell me there is no way we can get out of the contract. http://www.mlive.com/news/bay-city/index.ssf/2015/11/outdoor_adventures_in_downtown.html I new then that the things they told us were not true. From May 1st through September 30th. SKU. Andi Outdoor Adventure Print Dress. This establishment is a SCAM. Special Price US$28.80. Much larger versions of the birch bark canoe were used by fur traders travelling Lake Superior from the 1600s to the mid-1800s. The others are just piled up on shore not working. the front desk help is rude and they allow their employees to walk around with confederated items on. 5/5, 9 PM West Lagoon. Florence, AL 35634. Try another and you will get in. Outdoor Adventures, which runs eight campgrounds in Michigan, has once chance to stop unlawful business practices, the AG says. . So it's been years, we can't sell it. If the card carrying member is camping anyplace else the dates you want to camp, family members have to pay $25 a night, if no card carrying member is camping those days, camping IS free for family members listed on the membership. Never said they would. Outdoor Adventures offers a variety of outdoor adventure activities to students, faculty/staff, and community members throughout the entire year. HelloI am not about to waste a valuable weeknight to hear your crap and try to sell me on your campground. If the winning ket DOES NOT come in by December 31st there is a random drawing and then a phone call. It is a small fee for them to pay to run their "barely legal" enterprise. "Senior" membership that ruined our chance at a home. The Eagle Creek ORV Trunk is a great choice for adventure travel, thanks to its many pockets and practical organizational features. With more than 10,000 lakes, immense forests and rugged bluffs, Minnesota is an exciting outpost for outdoor lovers of all kinds. So they got us in the door. My husband and I have enjoyed spending time with our 21 year old as well as he is more than willing to come hang out and swim, kayak, fish, play putt putt and just sit around a campfire with us. Valuable writing, Coincidentally if you are wanting a AO440, my friend filled out and esigned a blank version here https://goo.gl/Lq33PC. Nice hardship agreement don't you think. If renting the cabins, we found a number of electrical plugs that did not work and the following year, the same plugs in the same cabin was still not working, the water smelled and staff was never to be found .Kids were out and about and very loud till well after midnight. Ok up front I am a employee at Outdoor Adventures. When we stay outside the parks it is around 50 a night for a nice campground. What seems to be the ongoing horrible thing is that these con artists get people to sign on the dotted line and then its "too bad so sad". Our Mission Here at Outdoor Adventures, our mission is to provide unparalleled customer service combined with offering premier outdoor resorts, amenities, and activities for you and your family to enjoy the great outdoors. If they don't, the feds would shut them down and put them all in jail. Read More Visit Website View Details Helicopter Rides That Leave From Kearny New Jersey After that you are like any other member. Please think very carefully before falling fir their sales pitch. That's third party information so take it as you see fit. The dogs bark, yap, and cry, pulling at the lines, itching to run through the white snow. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. JOHNSBURY, Vt . Boquete Outdoor Adventures planned our stay in Boquete, where our family of 5 (kids 7, 10, and 13) did white water rafting, coffee tour, waterfall hike, and zip lining. They tell you what it says and hurry you with other questions while you are trying to read the contract. I'd like to see a Cadillac/Traverse City Campground. When I try to call to talk about something they always tell me I have to call this person cuz they don't handle it. They won't let you out of this 'deal' for anything. Peopleyou must watch reality shows eyes wide shut and believe. Our children absolutely love all the activities that they have. https://secure.ag.state.mi.us/complaints/consumer.aspx Post the link to your Facebook page to let all your relatives and friends know. This complaint was posted by a verified customer. great gift for really everybody who loves outdoor adventures Two-part protective case made from a premium scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell and shock absorbent TPU liner protects against drops Printed in the USA Easy installation Looking for specific info? Would you be on here posting that your mortgage lender or your car dealer is a SCAM! The language used, the comments about their staff? We look forward to more years of fun to come! Our campground is always booked when we want to go there, we've only camped there once in over three years. We're sorry to see that you are no longer a member with us. You can also call [protected] and select option 2. You are under NO OBLIGATION to purchase anything to try your key or claim your 2 gifts. Our policy requires official documentation from a physician so that we can explore your options. Join NIU Outdoor Adventures for a Friday night campfire to end the school year with excitement and fiery passion! Like it was mentioned by another poster here if it was your cell phone, cable, mortgage payment, or car note and you fell behind cutoffs and/or repossession/foreclosure would be sure to follow in short order. I can get it for 1500 on Craig's list. I am a caregiver so I had to find a replacement and take off work to go. They push you through and don't really give you time to read the content of the contract. . Stay active with our abundance of parks, trails, sports facilities, lakes, rivers, and other outdoor amenities. Have you tried calling Member Services or speaking to anyone Hi, we are sorry to hear about your situation. We will never leave you hanging. 6) LastlyDid you ever give it any though as to how they can have "odds of winning" on a pre-fabricated flyer you receive, when the numbers of entries are infinite? Cabela's Outdoor Adventures (Gamecube) Details More Photos of Cabela's Outdoor Adventures Cabela's Outdoor Adventures prices (Gamecube) are updated daily for each source listed above. Pandemic purchase. But again, we apologize for your experience and we want to work closely with you on this matter. they also state that it will be this way for lifetime since that is the membership we originally purchased. Believe it or not, they REALLY DO give away a truck or $20, 000 cash to ONE person each year. I have not missed a payment and I now have to take the hit. Thank you. The attorney general's office will file a lawsuit against Outdoor Adventures if the company does not "cease and desist" its business practices, work with the office's requests and start. These supplies will be useful in case of falls, bites, and cuts. I seriously hope you can help us. The filing, which was part of a lawsuit filed by the Girl Scouts in 2018, also said that the "Scout Me In" recruiting campaign of the Boy Scouts featured girls in advertisements. Frankly, I feel that my dad jumped into this membership way too quickly and I can only hope and pray that he will use it as much as he can. Funny, over the fourteen years we've been members they have changed the rules a thousand times, making the original contract almost null and void, yet we are expected to follow our side of the original contract. The roads were not kept serviceable and many access trails unsafe. Now we paid for our Outdoor Adventure right up front and owed nothing. Now we learn that there is a yearly fee attached to this service and if we want to use this we need to pay the yearly fee. There is no means of recourse after you find out youve been lied to. Docks have broken and missing boards. I'll guarantee if they did tell it it would be something like I was perfectly calm and very pleasant or I didn't even get a word out of my mouth and I was met with rudeness before they ever knew what I wanted. I read a few complaints about this place and I'm also getting calls from some attorney now, Glad i didnt go here she keeps calling me its a scam i went here they tried to sell me some bs run away we drove two hours for Nothing terrible crap. So we are paying premium dollars for nothing that we wanted in the first place. Then we couldn't even pick r spot so u drive around at 5 miles an hour to find a site. You could have said 1 out of 75, 000 and then we would have been able to decide if that was something we really wanted to do. Don't come in with blinders on and you won't feel pressured. Outdoor Adventure Usually getaways mean laying off your normal exercise routine for a few days, but that doesn't have to be the case when you visit Spartanburg. I got the Dr. paper work they wanted and wrote a note explaining she has to have specific conditions to be able to be comfortable. It is no difference than a posy scheme . Outdoor Adventures, headquartered at 800 Washington Ave., has an "opportunity to immediately cease and desist from engaging in unlawful business practices" before the AG's Office files a. I told him it was clearly a scam anytime someone needs to tell you it was NOT a timeshare or not a "fill in blank" (scam). We did enter the "Contest" at our local Mall and were contacted within 2 weeks, that was in Oct.2012. Gave us 2 prizes that are totally worthless. What can we do to make this happen? Not to mention, we have a golf cart and it is great fun getting in on the Fri/Sat night party rides. We are willing to work with you so please contact us back at your earliest convenience at [protected] ext 2238 or memberservices@outdooradventuresinc.com. And hung up on me. There was a booth set up where you could spin a wheel for a chance to win various prizes. Mon: 10AM - 8PM Tues: 10AM - 8PM Wed: 10AM - 8PM Thurs: 10AM - 8PM I tried to reason with my husband that it was senseless to drag our boys, ages 8 and 15 months, on an hour car ride for something that he may not even win. You misled us. My wife was rear ended in a serious car accident. We didn't have problems doing what we wanted even putt putt. This is just one of many, many complaints about how disappointing this is. After that they were very rude and unhelpful. Some services, attractions, events, businesses and . Outdoor Adventures is a unit of Campus Recreation whose mission is to provide students with low-cost outdoor adventure opportunities, and leadership experience. Join our free community to get access to the latest news and resources, engage with influencers, and secure collaborations with top brands. We received a phone call that we were 1 of 6 winners and each would be sent a key and we needed to appear on Dec.4 at 3:30. the pools are extremely dirty. Be careful how you deal with these people as they are very untrustworthey. Website. But seems that they changed their tactics and are using credit cards that people used to place orders with them. ComplaintsBoard.com is a leading complaint resolution website on the Internet. Could you please email us with your name and member number to info@outdooradventuresinc.com at your earliest convenience? Below you'll also find great resources including how to create an account and login to CampLife, and lots of . We hope to be the most enjoyable camping experience you'll have in Michigan. The attorney. The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customers satisfaction. go to www.michigan.gov/ag and file a complaint. We hope to speak to you soon. Case # 12 - 7073 gc in the 74the district court bay city, mi. Sunscreen and bug spray is encouraged. (most people do have selective hearing). He said they would sell membership for us another lie. I've had plenty of visits to the campground before I was a employee and I can tell you that most of what has been said here is FALSE from my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. They lied out and out lied to get us to sign with them. Card Carrying members can book camping 90 days in advance. Hi Kathleen. Now I am left feeling totally disappointed and discouraged. you sign, you are stuck . We were not told of any yearly fee that had to be paid for each service being upgraded to. Park Patrol was almost unseen night or day. Don't just post your frustrations on this website. Outdoor Adventures - policies/rules and regulations. Second, I would never stay at Davison, no matter if I wanted too--- too crowded, too many Detroit people are able to get in in droves. We purchased a membership after the salesman badgered us enough and guaranteed us our membership would be transferable to our kids, that our membership would allow us to rent condos all over the world, that we could easily get reservations all over the USA, and that we could rent cabins for family to come camp. Sounds like after reading several comments online that you don't even get to try it in an actual truck. When we were leaving I asked about my truck key for the contest. Two months after signing for this I had a heart attack and now am disabled. She is going for them. We want to warn others looking in to this resorts to stay away from them and to not let the sales guy tell you that if at anytime you want to leave you can because it is a not true they will harass you until you can not take the 3-4x /day calls and just pay. Total scam and lie to get you to buy. We wish you all the best and hope your family is doing well. Whether you are looking to challenge your group's teamwork abilities, rent some outdoor gear, spend some time on our indoor rock wall, or join us as we explore the trails and rivers of central Pennsylvania and beyond, we are the program for you. We of course asked r million questions since we r campers and then the first time we called to reserve a site for ourselves and r friends right then and there started it. The staff is nice, the people are great to work with, and your overall experience should be great, but then again not a single one of these posts addresses the attitude with which they approached the employee or employees that were so RUDE. To communicate or ask something with the place, the Phone number is (208) 386-9846. Outdoor Adventures is located in Ada County of Idaho state. We were only told cost of the total. SERIOUSLY!? It IS NOT a scam. Adventure Outdoors has been selling guns for over 40 years, servicing Cobb County, the Metro Atlanta area, and now selling to all states with our online gun store. Rating: 90 % of 100. I feel with all my heart that---OUTDOORS ADVENTURES is a SCAM! I had some major life changes occur causing financial strain. There was no room for discussion, no options given. Also, inquired about getting membership identification cards twice. We looked at the opportunity they were presenting us with as an inexpensive way to take family vacations every couple of months. They do not have resort amenities like promised, reservation line never answers, can't ever get a site even 2 weeks in advance. Adventure Exploration & Survival Revealed: Forrest Fenn's Treasure Was Hidden in This National Park An affidavit filed as part of an ongoing lawsuit confirms that the treasure was buried inside. $30/month and you can go every weekend if you like, I think that is a great deal. Greetings, Try getting your 21 year old to hang out at a state park with nothing more to do than jump in a lake. We were so excited to get a key in the mail, all we had to do was sit through a presentation and then try to start the truck to see if we had one. Outdoor Adventure X is a celebration of the outdoors, adventure travel and the active lifestyle. Outdoor Adventures Michigan USA Phone: Web: Www.outdooradventures.com Category: Campgrounds Outdoor Adventures False charges to account Michigan Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA, 1025, Michigan Avenue Northeast, University Heights, Washington, District of Columbia, 20017, United States + Last year (2014) and the year before both winners took the 20, 000 so we are far from a scam and I see and talk to may happy members daily. My only worry is say 15 years from now I move or don't want to camp anymore in these locations(I am only 30 years old) then I have to resell the membership or continue to pay the dues. 13. Not mugged sorry to hear you passed on your chance to win and collect your gifts. This Membership is NOT for everyone, I agree, but most people are impulsive and do not consider the " what-ifs". We say you are GUARANTEED to get 2 of the following 5 gifts just for trying your key. For as much of a financial investment as this membership is, one would think that they would want to work out details and get an account brought to current status. I say at least due to maintenance fees can and usually do go up as the years pass. If it smells like a scam, sounds like a scam and walks like a scam then guess what? We give away one of the grand prizes each year and you do leave with 2 free gifts when you come out. Most of the arcade games did not work either. We started at a low maintenece fee then all over the sudden it climbed to $580 per year. Even when they say you have already been picked to win one of the top five prizesYou should be asking them to just send one of the prizes to you. All that said-- we love Saginaw Bay, Wilderness, Rifle River and West Branch. If you enter any contest, and they contact you, AND they EXPLICITLY ask you, "How much income you make?" Each site is limited to 10 people--- we have the 2 of us, 4 children and their spouses and 16 grandchildren-- that's 23 people. I don't know if it was because of that is why they are allowing us to cancel but it can be done. Paddling on the scenic Chicago River is a whole new way to experience the amazing architecture of . You were never told you were 1 in 6 of anything it's sad when people hear what they want to hear instead of what is actually being said. I can post more about our experience once we campSo far I am just reserving my feelings to see how the rest of the experience goes. Pleasant, Omer, Standish, Sterling and West Branch. I was skeptical and really wasnt interested in going, as we had other plans earlier in the day. They say the are all about family fun and all that. I was scammed too. Learn More. Post the link to your Facebook page to let all your relatives and friends know. Worry about your next adventure, not your gear. Furthermore NO ONE has ever said you're GUARANTEED any specific one of the 5 gifts that are offered. AND "If you are married", AND it is important for your spouse to be with you at a prescribed appointment time to get your prizeJUST SAY "NO"! I was told I couldn't reserve one for my friends until 3 days prior. Let me out of my contract. During the tour of the Davidson facility in June 2015, the indoor pool was closed and some of the bath house showers (women's) were a little ratty. 02 April. There sites are too close together. Garbage overflows the outside dump barrels in the summer. Go. Go to www.michigan.gov/ag and file a complaint with thembetter results. When the flyer came in the mail yesterday it was obvious that it was a scam. when we tried to get out they said we were not allowed to sell our ":deed" and that like it or not we had to continue to pay out yearly fee or else it was going to be sent to a collection agency. Outdoor Adventures operates eight campgrounds in Michigan: Davison, Grand Haven, Kalamazoo, Mt. Use these ten outdoor adventure safety tips while you're enjoying the outdoors. Im glad that these people are not members like us. This seems quite expensive for a once a year camping trip. You just joined the group of poor business procedures with misleading advertisment. Thank you. We didn't have any problem booking June 24/25 (Wed/Thu), although we did want to stay the 26th (Fri) but were told it was full, no big deal. It will pay for itself for sure. We offer everything from climbing gear to kayaks to rent for your next outdoor endeavor. When you are outdoors, you might be tempted to dip your toes into a frigid stream, prance under a waterfall, or even swim in the ocean. Please if anyone can offer help on how to get out of this mess with minimal cost, please let me know ASAP! Then I started googling the facility and came across this complaint page. It's now assigned to us sight unseen. Time and were given the same information that, I believe, all Prospects are given. We just recently signed a contract after touring the Davidson location. Right to Terminate: If at any time and for any reason you are dissatisfied with the Coast to coast programs, you may immediately terminate you Coast to Coast membership by written notice. That was one of r important questions. I asked to be put back on old contract cause I could afford it we got tricked into a upgrade that did nothing but up my price. Find Your Adventure Outdoor Adventure USA Watch This I'm Interested. We will have someone reach out to you immediately. Well, as the sale person told us it would be easy, it wasn't. We just stayed in the Standish location for 21 days with a free pass to try to get us to buy. UNTIL we told him we are not spending that much money based on a 2 hour lecture about how great they are. You can get more information from their website. It is a complete waste of time. The casinos are more honest than you. Bad move. We see you mentioned that you haven't spoken to anyone in a few years. We toured the grounds, went through a couple of the cabins and then decided it seemed like a sensible, reasonably priced deal and would give our family an affordable place that we could actually vacation to. Located in the heart of Vancouver Island, this harbour city opens the door on 360 degrees of adventure: paddle the calm waters of the lakes in and around Nanaimo, then set your nautical compass for Newcastle Island (Saysutshun), traditional land of the Snuneymuxw First Nation. Not only do you pay $8000.00 or even more, but then you have to pay a yearly fee of $348.00! We signed a 10 year agreement which would total out to at least an additional $5000. Connect with us to learn more about how you can experience the outdoors through our programs and services. Geoff Dempsey, Patch Staff Posted Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 10:47 am. We have thousands of happy members, many who have been with us our entire 21 years in business. When I asked to speak to a manager they said one would call me back right away. Water hydrates and provides energy especially when hiking in hot weather. Outdoor Adventures provides the guidance and equipment for Utah Tech University students, faculty, staff, and even the community to take part in outdoor adventures in the southern Utah area. The biggest complaint from the people that go to collections are that they can never get into the campground to use the membership. We had a lousy cr rating too so they tried my overseas cr card which allowed them to finance us. We would love to talk to you again and see if there is anything we can do to assist you. Seems that even with a lawsuit going on The Outdoor Adventurers are continuing to run their business as usual. It reminded me of the movie where the police sent out flyers to all these parole violates and people with outstanding warrants. And there is a $535 annual camping fee. Ridiculous! You make the reservation and show the pass when you get there. We celebrated our 20th anniversary in business in 2015. https://secure.ag.state.mi.us/complaints/consumer.aspx This was a lie no matter how it was worded " a lie is a lie. Click on the link to begin your formal complaint today. Just gonna say out right that I am an employee of OAI and if you have questions you can call and ask and we will tell you out right everything you want to know. My dad was really excited for this membership and purchased it. I had life tragedy and almost lost my son and still going thru a lot he was on life support for over a month and I explained several times but they only said fill out paperwork hippa doesnt allow me to do so and I dont want your program it doesnt give us any discounts you took over 8k from us and still want another 12k its too much for what my upgrade did nothing anytime you book you dont get what you want or even the discounts for the coast to coast this is a joke ugh so disappointed 58569 is membership Sharon Lewin. I'm pretty sure my "key" is not the "winning key" since the contest is still going on! We are proud of what we offer to families and individuals. Under MICHIGAN CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT sounds to much like a scam to me! Outdoor Adventures Lake Shore Resort offers camping and cabins in a beautiful natural setting of nature trails and a spring-fed lake. P.S. 1 | Trust your gut. I am a Fire Fighter/EMT and they do not employee those at any of there parks. These people need to be shut down.

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